Alla Kim

Alla Kim is originally Korean, but was born in Uzbekistan (former USSR) on October 29th, 1948. Six years old she started her violin lessons at the special music school for highly talented children at Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan. After that she started her studies on the piano and violin at the Conservatory of Tashkent and continued her studies at the Conservatory of Saint Petersburg with the legendary professor Michail Waiman. In Saint Petersburg she also studied music pedagogy.
She graduated cum laude for all her studies.
During and after her studies she performed mainly as a violin soloist but also played in several ensembles in Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Uzbekistan, Kazachstan, Germany, and Korea. As a soloist she played with many different orchestras, among others conducted by Jonas Alexa and Wladimir Werbitzky.
She also was during sixteen years a professor on violinstudies at the conservatories of Saint Petersburg and Tashkent.

In 1989 she received the title of 'People's Artist of the Republic of Uzbekistan' which is very rare for people of an ethnic minority in Uzbekistan.

Since the year 1985 Alla Kim intended to found her own orchestra with only women musicians. For several reasons she did not succeed in Uzbekistan in doing so; she could not find enough highly qualified women musicians.
Since her arrival in the Netherlands in 1991 she tried several times to realise her dream, but all effords were in vain. Nevertheless she did not give up and finally in april 1997 she got her hands on an good plan, found 20 other women musicians and a woman conductor and several wellknown soloists willing to work with her.
Since May 5th, 1997 the only all women chamber orchestra of the Netherlands - the Raduga-Ensemble - exists. It is one out of three or four all women orchestras in the world.

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